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Pacífica Salud?

More than 20 years ago, it was born as an idea by a group of Panamanian doctors and entrepreneurs to bring the best medicine to the country through an affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International , a world leader and pioneer in the healthcare industry.

Inaugurated in 2006, our first branch is in Punta Pacífica, located in the heart of one of the most important business zones and areas of the city.

Mental Health

Did you know?

Mental health doesn't just entail the absence of mental disorders, but also the presence of positive aspects such as self-esteem, resilience, and the ability to face life's challenges adaptively.

In summary, mental health encompasses the balance and harmony between the mind and emotions, enabling individuals to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

At Pacífica Salud, we believe in the importance of promoting mental health as an integral component of overall well-being. We are committed to providing you with the necessary support so you can reach your full emotional potential and live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Our Services

We provide high quality services

Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank

Quality Policy

The Clinical, Molecular Laboratory and Blood Bank of Pacifica Salud is characterized by having high technology, trained and suitable personnel with warm attention focused on each person and their needs, backed by a wide range of national and international services, where attending to the different medical disciplines mean that your health care is in the best hands.


Our Services

The selection of technology at Pacífica Salud is based on the highest standards of safety, resolution, accuracy, and reliability.

  • Mammography

  • Volumetric Computed Tomography (CT)

  • Magnetic Resonance

  • Ultrasound3D and 4D

  • Bone Densitometry

Pacifica Salud

Medical Emergencies

In the emergency department, we are ready to address medical needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in case of any medical eventuality. We have highly qualified staff, including emergency specialists, surgical doctors, and medical personnel trained in trauma support, cardiac support, and pediatric support.

Counts on highly qualified personnel who have been carefully chosen based on their experience, training and ongoing education in the topics that are related to the emergencies and national contingency situation including doctors, nurses, nursing technicians, medical nursing escorts, and personal paramedics.

Executive Plan

Executive Health Plan

We understand that your health is important, and early detection of silent diseases is crucial. At Pacífica Salud, we have created an exclusive package that allows you to complete all the required medical tests in just one day, all in one place. This package also includes medical evaluations conducted by specialists.

In our comfortable VIP offices, you will find a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Medical Tourism

Our facilities are world-class

Pacífica Salud is the first healthcare provider in Latin America and the Caribbean to be affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International. Our doctors, surgeons, and other collaborators are leaders in their respective fields, our facilities are world-class, and we offer medical solutions at accessible prices, compared to what a patient would receive in the United States or Europe.

  • Private Rooms

  • Quality Food

  • Quality Equipment

Pacifica Salud

Robotic Division

At Pacífica Salud, we have two advanced robotic surgery systems. =

  • HUGO RAS is a form of minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery.
  • The ROSA (Robotically-Assisted Surgical Assistant) system is designed for robotic surgery of the brain and spine.

Pacifica Salud

ECMO Center

We are proud to be the only private hospital with a specialized program for congenital heart diseases. Our multidisciplinary team is trained to manage these diseases affecting pediatric and, on certain occasions, adult patients who were never diagnosed or treated in a timely manner.


Our Publications

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