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This modern hospital complex, now known as Pacífica Salud, emerged from the ideals and expectations of a group of prominent Panamanian doctors and entrepreneurs to bring the best medical practice to the country through an affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, a leader and world pioneer in the healthcare industry, providing consulting to the hospital in the areas of clinical programs, personnel development, and patient safety and quality.

Hospital moderno y un equipo comprometido - Pacífica Salud

About Us

Modern hospital and a dedicated team

Operating for more than 15 years with great effort and dedication, Pacífica Salud Hospital Punta Pacífica, an exemplary hospital complex in Latin America, a pioneer in research studies highly complex surgical procedures, with the best team of healthcare specialist and high technology, a source of great pride for the country, achieving international accreditations such as Joint Commission International, ISO (International Organization for Standardization), stroke program, Planetree, among others of great relevance for quality assurance in processes and healthcare, opens the way to the opening of a new branch strategically located in Costa del Este, Pacífica Salud Hospital Costa del Este, affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

Our History

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More than 20 years ago, it was born as an idea by a group of Panamanian doctors and entrepreneurs to bring the best medicine to the country through an affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International , a world leader and pioneer in the healthcare industry.

Inaugurated in 2006, our first branch is in Punta Pacífica, located in the heart of one of the most important business zones and areas of the city.

Contamos con una segunda sucursal inaugurada en febrero del 2022, afiliada a Johns Hopkins Medicine International ubicada estratégicamente en Town Center, Costa del Este.

Pacífica Salud | Panamá
Hospital Punta Pacífica | Pacífica Salud - Panamá
Pacífica Salud - Panamá
Pacífica Salud | Panamá
  • 2006: Operating License for Pacífica Salud Hospital Punta Pacífica.
  • 2006: Affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International.
  • 2007: First Kidney Transplant.
  • 2007: First Cardiovascular Surgery.
  • 2011: Accreditation by Joint Commission International.
  • 2011: Ranked #33 in the América Economía Magazine ranking of the 50 best hospitals in America and the Caribbean.
  • 2014: First reaccreditation with Joint Commission International.
  • 2014: Ranked #33 in the América Economía Magazine ranking of the 50 best hospitals in America and the Caribbean.
  • 2014:ISO 9001:2018 Certification for Clinical Laboratory.
  • 2015: First pediatric cardiovascular surgery.
  • 2015: Affiliation with Plantree (world leader in Patient and Family-Centered Care accreditation).
  • 2015: Ranked #28 in the América Economia Magazine ranking of the 50 best hospitals in America and the Caribbean.
  • 2016: ISO 9001:2015 Certification for Radiology and Imaging.
  • 2016: First heart transplant.
  • 2017: Ranked #19 in the América Economía Magazine ranking of the 50 best hospitals in America and the Caribbean.
  • 2017: Third reaccreditation by Joint Commission International.
  • 2017: ISO 9001:2015 Recertification for Clinical Laboratory.
  • 2018: Alliance with Santa Fe de Bogotá Foundation (education program).
  • 2019: Ranked #19 in the América Economía Magazine ranking of the 50 best hospitals in America and the Caribbean.
  • 2019: ISO 900:2015 Recertification for Radiology and Imaging.
  • 2019: Pacífica Salud Medical Research Center INDICASAT-AIP (Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas y Servicios de Alta Tecnología de Panamá).
  • 2020: Vitalert advanced continuous patient monitoring based on artificial intelligence.
  • 2020: JCI (Joint Commission International) Stroke Program Certification.
  • 2021: Fourth Reaccreditation by Joint Commission International .
  • 2021: Ranked #15 in the América Economía Magazine ranking of the 50 best hospitals in America and the Caribbean.
  • 2021: Congenital Heart Disease Program.
  • 2021: Robotic Division Program, first surgery assisted by Hugo Ras robot.
  • 2021: Opening of the COVID-19 vaccination center.
  • 2022: Inauguration of Pacífica Salud Hospital Costa del Este.
  • 2022: Liver transplant performed on a living patient.
  • 2022: Radiology Recertification at Punta Pacífica Salud Hospital.
  • 2022: Clinical Laboratory Certification and expansion of scope at CDE.
  • 2022: Favorable Report Audit by Newpalex in Palliative Care.
  • 2022: Launch of the PS JHI Activity and Mobility Promotion Program.
  • 2023: Pacífica Salud chosen by SUMMA Magazine as the company with the best customer service in Panama.
  • 2023: Certificación ISO 9001: 2015 la cual garantiza que los servicios ofrecidos están basados en un sistema de gestión de calidad.
  • 2023: 5ta reacreditación por la Join Commission International.
  • 2023: 1ra Acreditación por la Join Commission Internacional para Pacífica Salud Costa del Este.
  • 2023: Certificación STROKE.

About Us

Certifications and Affiliations


Joint Commission International (JCI) identifies, measures, and shares the best practices in patient quality and safety with the world. They provide leadership and innovative solutions to help healthcare organizations in all settings improve performance and outcomes. The team of experts works with hospitals and other healthcare organizations, healthcare systems, government ministries, public health agencies, academic institutions, and businesses to achieve the highest performance in patient care.

JCI helps organizations help themselves through accreditation and certification by JCI, recognized as the global Gold Seal of Approval®. They provide education and evidence-based advisory services.

When Pacífica Salud: Hospital Punta Pacífica opened its doors in 2006, the administrative, medical, and nursing teams joined forces to establish the hospital's protocols and procedures, preparing both staff and the institution with the goal of obtaining Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. As part of this process, new protocols and initiatives were implemented, such as the surgical "timeout" to verify that the correct surgery is administered to the right patient in the right place, the hand hygiene campaign, continuous education programs, among others.

Pacífica Salud: Hospital Punta Pacífica, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, has implemented the Stroke Program, considering that cerebrovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. This initiative, in addition to ensuring reliable, standardized, and high-quality patient care, positions Pacífica Salud as the reference center for cerebrovascular disease care in Panama.

"Cerebrovascular disease or stroke, as it is colloquially known in Panama, results from the interruption of blood flow to the brain, usually due to a ruptured or blocked blood vessel. This cuts off the supply of oxygen and nutrients, causing damage to brain tissue," said Dr. Nelson Novarro, neurologist and Coordinator of the Stroke Program at Pacífica Salud: Hospital Punta Pacífica. He added that fifteen hundred Panamanians die each year from cerebrovascular diseases. The main causes of strokes are hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, heart arrhythmias, alcohol abuse, obesity, physical inactivity, and cigarette smoking. Through training and guidance from specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine International, the multidisciplinary team at Pacífica Salud unifies the process to care for patients quickly and effectively, increasing the possibility of patient recovery.

"We are trained to receive the patient in the emergency room, treat them, prevent complications and save their life. We have all the elements, resources, and equipment that allow us to care for patients with cerebrovascular disease, using the newest and best technology and medications," highlighted Teresa Ferguson, Nursing Coordinator of the Stroke Program at Pacífica Salud: Hospital Punta Pacífica.

The hospital's goal is to continue improving the care of patients with cerebrovascular disease through community education on how to prevent the disease, recognize its symptoms, and when to seek care.

At the Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank of Pacífica Salud, we are committed to providing clinical analysis results that meet the needs and expectations of our customers, providing safety and confidence in the service, complying with the legal requirements and applicable regulations of the hospital, supported by controlled processes, as well as the development of a Quality Management System based on excellence and continuous improvement, through:

  • Offering a service with quality and warmth that provides a positive experience for the patient, as demonstrated by satisfaction surveys.
  • Reliable clinical analysis results supported by an efficient quality control system.
  • Delivery of results within the stipulated time.
  • Qualified and up-to-date staff in the use of the most advanced technology and directed toward a culture of excellence.
  • Risk management to ensure appropriate infrastructure, environment, and processes for all our customers and collaborators.


Planetree, a nonprofit organization, is an expert and global leader in accrediting healthcare organizations that practice person-centered care. Planetree has developed pioneering methods to personalize, humanize, and demystify the healthcare experience for patients and their families. Planetree was founded over 35 years ago and currently uses its unique approach to implement person-centered care in more than 700 healthcare organizations in 19 countries.

Planetree Membership

Planetree and its growing international community of hospital, clinic, and long-term care center members are working together in their efforts to achieve and improve excellence in the treatment of patients, families, and caregivers: personalized, humane, and compassionate. Planetree healthcare organizations are committed to innovation and share the mission of serving people instead of diseases and creating an extraordinary experience for patients, families, and caregivers.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is a global health enterprise with a value of $7.7 billion, as well as one of the leading academic healthcare systems in the United States. JHM connects physicians and scientists from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with organizations, healthcare professionals, and facilities of the Johns Hopkins Health System and Johns Hopkins Hospital. JHM's vision, "Together, we will deliver the promise of medicine," is supported by its mission to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard for excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care. Diverse and inclusive, JHM educates medical students, scientists, healthcare professionals, and the public; conducts biomedical research; and provides patient-centered healthcare to prevent, diagnose, and treat human diseases. JHM operates six academic and community hospitals, four residential-based healthcare and surgical centers, and 39 outpatient centers offering primary and specialized care under the umbrella of Johns Hopkins Community Physicians. JHM extends its healthcare services to the community and globally through Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, and Johns Hopkins HealthCare. The Johns Hopkins Hospital, which opened its doors in 1889, has been named the number one hospital in the country by U.S. News & World Report for 22 consecutive years in the 26-year history of this survey. For more information about Johns Hopkins Medicine, its research, educational, and clinical programs, and to stay updated on the latest health, science, and research news, please visit www.hopkinsmedicine.org.

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Johns Hopkins Medicine International (JHI) facilitates the global expansion of Johns Hopkins Medicine's mission: to improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard for excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care. JHI provides personalized and culturally appropriate care to patients traveling to Johns Hopkins from outside of Maryland and throughout the United States, as well as to local patients who require interpretation services. JHI also leverages the extensive knowledge base of Johns Hopkins in medicine, nursing, public health, medical education, research, and healthcare administration to enhance the delivery of healthcare by establishing sustainable, high-impact collaborations worldwide.

Certifications and Affiliations