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Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank

In this high-tech area, healthcare requires the interaction of various medical disciplines, where the laboratory provides an additional tool to prevent, monitor, and cure diseases, guaranteeing accurate, safe, and rapid results through a highly qualified professional team, cutting-edge technology, internal and external quality control systems that ensure their reliability.

Laboratorio | Pacífica Salud - Panamá

Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank

Quality Policy

At the Clinical Laboratory of Pacífica Salud, we are committed to providing clinical analysis results that meet the needs and expectations of our users, providing safety and confidence in the service, complying with the legal requirements and applicable regulations of the hospital, supported by controlled processes as well as the development of a Quality Management System based on excellence and continuous improvement, through:

Laboratorio Clínico | Pacífica Salud - Panamá

High human quality, offering special attention and dedicated service.

Reliable clinical analysis results within a stipulated time backed by effective quality control.

Qualified and up-to-date staff in the use of the most advanced technology and directed toward a culture of excellence.

A secure infrastructure free of risks for all users and our collaborators.

Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank

Quality Management System Objectives

Meet the needs and expectations of our clients by providing timely, empathetic, warm, and humane care.

Ensure the reliability of the results through effective quality control.

Ensure the delivery of results within the stipulated time.

Keep our collaborators trained and updated to create a culture of quality towards excellence.

Minimize risks for both the patient through compliance with International Patient Safety Goals and for our collaborators through established biosafety practices.

Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank

Service Hours

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