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Medical Emergencies

In the emergency department, we are ready to address medical needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year in case of any medical eventuality. We have highly qualified staff, including emergency specialists, surgical doctors, and medical personnel trained in trauma support, cardiac support, and pediatric support.

Emergencias médicas | Pacífica Salud - Panamá

Medical Emergencies

Highly Qualified Personnel

Counts on highly qualified personnel who have been carefully chosen based on their experience, training and ongoing education in the topics that are related to the emergencies and national contingency situation including doctors, nurses, nursing technicians, medical nursing escorts, and personal paramedics.

We are the only hospital in Panama that has specialist doctors in emergencies, surgical doctors, and the rest of the medical personnel with trauma support training, cardiac support training, and pediatric support training.

Medical Emergencies

Pediatric Emergencies

We attend to pediatric emergencies and neonatal intensive care with a dedicated pediatric team and appropriate facilities.

Medical Emergencies

Triage System

The Triage System is a rapid filter where patients are attended to based on the severity of their health condition as quickly as possible to stabilize their symptoms and take immediate actions to save patients' lives.

Additionally, we have a system of codes designed to respond to contingency situations requiring immediate intervention by qualified medical personnel. Various codes are activated depending on each circumstance.

Pacífica Salud | Panamá

Medical Office

After the initial assessment, the patient is taken to one of the three emergency medical offices based on their case: gynecologist, adult, or pediatric.

Observation Area

Patients with bodily injuries or urgent conditions are quickly sent to the observation area, where the patient's condition is monitored, and necessary tests, including X-rays or relevant examinations, are ordered. This information is sent electronically to admission and the patient's record.

This department ensures that a diagnosis and follow-up plan for the patient is completed in less than 4 hours. Additionally, it has priority and computerized connectivity with the radiology, laboratory, and hemodynamics departments, ensuring results within a period of no more than 30 minutes.

Offering a service with quality and warmth that provides a positive experience for the patient, as demonstrated by satisfaction surveys.

Reliable clinical analysis results supported by an efficient quality control system.

Delivery of results within the stipulated time.

Qualified and up-to-date staff in the use of the most advanced technology and directed toward a culture of excellence.

Risk management to ensure appropriate infrastructure, environment, and processes for all our customers and collaborators.

Meet the needs and expectations of our clients by providing timely, empathetic, warm, and humane care.

Ensure the reliability of the results through effective quality control.

Minimizar las fuentes de error derivadas de identificación de muestras.

Ensure the delivery of results within the stipulated time.

Mantener capacitados y actualizados a nuestros colaboradores para crear una cultura de calidad hacia la excelencia con la finalidad de brindar las competencias y calificaciones.

Mitigar los riesgos para nuestros clientes mediante el cumplimiento de Metas Internacionales de Seguridad del Paciente y para nuestros colaboradores mediante las prácticas de seguridad establecidas.

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