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Welcome to the Robotics Division of Pacifica Salud, where excellence in medical care meets cutting-edge technology. We introduce the revolutionary Hugo RAS robotic system, heralding a new era in surgery that represents a milestone in medical innovation.

The Hugo RAS robotic system represents the epicenter of robotic surgery at Pacifica Salud, being the first of its kind in Latin America. Designed to provide millimeter precision, unparalleled safety, and superior ergonomics, Hugo RAS redefines the standards of modern surgical care.

With Hugo RAS, we are leading a new era in robotic surgery, where cutting-edge technology combines with medical expertise to deliver optimal results to our patients. As pioneers in Latin America, Pacifica Salud is at the forefront of robotic surgery with the Hugo RAS system. Our commitment to excellence drives us to embrace the latest innovations for the benefit of our patients.


The Hugo RAS robotic system offers unparalleled precision in every surgical procedure. With millimeter capabilities, our surgeons can perform interventions with exceptional accuracy, improving outcomes and reducing recovery times. Patient safety is our top priority. With Hugo RAS, we can perform surgical procedures more safely, minimizing the risks associated with traditional surgery and enhancing long-term outcomes.

For both our surgeons and our patients, ergonomics are paramount. Hugo RAS offers an advanced ergonomic design that optimizes comfort and efficiency during surgical procedures, promoting a more satisfying experience for all involved. It allows for less invasive procedures, resulting in smaller incisions, less tissue trauma, and faster recovery times for our patients.

At Pacifica Salud Hospital, we take pride in leading the way towards a future of more advanced and patient-centered healthcare. With the Hugo RAS robotic system, we are transforming surgery to deliver exceptional results and enhance the quality of life for our patients.

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Robotic Division

Conoce nuestros equipos de Cirugía Robótica mínimamente invasiva.

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